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Todd Twining -

Matt has always been my go to for web development and programming anytime I need something custom. He has the ability to deliver on many platforms is very prompt with delivery. The best part about working with Matt is that I can give him the requirements and he can give me a great solution. Best of all, I know I can always count on him to recommended the best approach based on his extensive experience.

Todd Twining - -


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December 14, 2019

The various quirks of The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe

Let’s start this off by saying: this plugin made me curse…a lot. I don’t know who made certain decisions from a development standpoint, but there are some incredibly questionable ones that I ran into. I’m documenting them here in case others have to develop any integrations for this. I’ll also say: I actually do really like the plugin and believe it’s incredibly useful as a front-end calendar display. It does what it says out of

December 5, 2019

WooCommerce: Allow Guest Checkout for Existing Members

A client reached out to me recently with an interesting problem. They wanted to: Register guests as new users (easy) Allow existing users to checkout as guests (less easy) The client already had code set up to connect these guest account purchases to the existing account based on billing email. The code worked, but only if guest checkout wasn’t enabled. They needed to get past the restriction of forced login by WordPress/WooCommerce when an existing

February 27, 2018

Plugin Deliverables

So, as I sit here discussing clients and things with my office mate, it occurred to me that one of the biggest reasons for broken and bad plugins is simply client ignorance.¬† When I say this, I don’t mean¬†that code is something a client should be checking out; in fact, if the developer is decent, the client can report an issue and the dev will fix it. However, I run into issues constantly where clients

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